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  • A nonprofit is an organization that does not distribute profit among individual people, such as owners or shareholders. Instead, the income of the organization is used to further the organization’s commitment to public service. There are many kinds of nonprofits - some are exempt from paying taxes, some are not.
  • This article provides an introduction to cooperatives, as well as an overview of the considerations involved in creating a cooperative. A cooperative is a business or nonprofit organization owned and operated by the people who either use or provide its services. Cooperatives exist in nearly every sector of the economy and employ millions of people each year.
  • If someone else helps you to prepare your taxes, you can check out their credentials.
  • This article explains what a Community Development Corporation (CDC) is and sets forth some of the steps to starting one in Maryland.
  • If you are a non-profit organization thinking about 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, but are concerned about the costs and paperwork, or if you are not yet in a position to apply (e.g. you have not filed with the state to become a corporation or you do not have a Board of Directors in place), then a fiscal sponsorship is an alternative option for your organization.
  • When structuring a business it is important to choose the right entity for your needs because legal responsibilities and protections will differ based on the type of business entity chosen. This article focuses on how to form a stock corporation in Maryland.
  • Most businesses operating in Maryland must file a report by April 15 each year to maintain "good standing" with SDAT, the State Department of Assessment and Taxation. Without "good standing," a business may lose limited liability or other legal protections associated with being a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), limited liability partnership (LLP), or certain types of trusts or farms.
  • 这篇文章解释了销售和使用税,谁必须付给他们,以及如何将它们与国家文件。
  • This article describes how to create a nonprofit organization.
  • Many charitable organizations in Maryland rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their missions to offer much-needed services and resources to communities. Federal and state law encourages people to volunteer by providing some protections from lawsuits, in case of accidents or negligence. This article addresses some of the questions individual volunteers and charitable organizations may have concerning lawsuits.
  • This article covers what a small family child care provider must include in a contract with parents under the Maryland regulations known as COMAR Title 13A, Subtitle 15.
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